When it comes to memorizing and recall information in university, there are two critical actions you have to take to in order to memorize and recall a large amount of information.

There are so many other memory techniques available, however, the two I will be giving you will far surpass all of the other ones when it comes to studying in university and getting high grades.

If you can fully master these two techniques, you will have no issues acing your exams. So, take your time and really learn them well. They key is to implement these two techniques to your studying right away. Faster your implement it, faster you will be able to get even higher grades.

They two techniques are:

  • Spaced Repetition and,
  • Active Recall

Spaced Repetition is exactly how it sounds. In order to learn and remember things fully, you must repeatedly go through the material again and again. Sounds pretty obvious and easy right? The key factor you need to remember when you are doing spaced repetitions is you need to wait a certain period of time before doing the next set repetitions.

Researchers have proved that this is a way of learning drastically improves the ability remember and recall information. This method has proven to be far superior when it comes to memorizing new information and skills.

The next technique you should focus on mastering is Active Recall. During active recalls, you are actively producing what you have learned through speech or writing. Essentially, you are recalling the information you learned through review sessions. For example, teaching somebody what you have learned could be considered an active recall. Also, handwriting what you learned is considered an active recall.

I highly recommend that you embed both of these techniques to your studying. I highly advise you perform both of these techniques when you are studying for lectures

How to use these two techniques:

If your course primarily comprises of exams, then the lectures are generally responsible for the largest portion of the grade you will be getting on the course.

The primary reason why you need to know lecture material well is because the person who will be creating the exam is the same person who creates the lectures; your professor.

The lectures are his main source of information when creating exams. Your professors put a lot of time reading and researching on what to teach you guys. This is why you need to pay extra attention to lecture material. Simply put, you need to know your lectures inside out.

Step by Step guide using these two techniques:

When I was in university, I performed these techniques primarily with my lecture notes/slides. Your lecture notes have the most important information to help ace your exams.

Step 1:

My first step would be to preview the lecture notes. This In the first repetition, I would go through lecture material very quickly within a specific time period.  This step is there help you avoid information overload. This step essentially prepares you for the hardcore learning you will be doing very soon.

Step 2:

My second step would be to handwrite the lecture notes. During this step, you are doing both of the techniques at the same. I would do this step a day after. During this repetition, I would hand-write all the concepts and details associated with your lectures. This is pretty time consuming, however, handwriting information has proven to be super effective when storing new information to your brain.

This is because when you hand write information, you force you to brain process to the information you have come much deeper (this is known as cognitive loading).

This deliberate processing of information help you become super familiar with the information. This step could take 2-6 days depending on how much material you have to cover. So, plan your time accordingly – it doesn’t hurt to begin your studying as soon as possible.

Step 3:

My third step would be to go review the material to understand the details. The primary purpose of this step is to understand to memorize the details and understand the differences between each detail.

Step 4:

In the last step, you have to give a min-lecture on what you have learned. This step is extremely important. The last step would be to actually mini-lecture on what you have studied.

What you need to do here is that you need to give a lecture using your memory to give a lecture. You have to actually give to a human being. Just pretend that you are expert in this field and you are teaching the stuff you learned about a group of people. It’s completely fine if you have to peek at the slides here and there. The key is to actually do it. This form Active Recall will help you memorize and recall information effective. It is very important to do this step.


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